Evening Canoe with Storytelling around the fire

Join us for a magical evening on the River Dart! The evening paddle by canoe is an opportunity to slow down, switch gear and experience the natural world on the water as it moves from day to night. The fading light, bird-song, bats, moonlight, dusk. After a short briefing, introductions, and a little canoeing tuition we set off in the daylight and paddle our canoes for a while (usually about an hour). Pitching up on the river bank, we'll gather around the fire and sup hot chocolate and eat cake whilst we are entertained by a river tale or two from our on-board story-teller. As the final light is fading we'll then hop back in the canoes and paddle to the finish point (about 30 mins) where the trip ends as the final light fades. No previous canoeing experience required. 

Please note (especially for returning visitors): We have now switched venue for the evening paddle. It's still the River Dart - just further downstream! The stretch we now use is the tidal stretch of the Dart between Totnes and Stoke Gabriel which is very open and expansive, teaming with wildlife, and rich in natural beauty . We start at Totnes and finish at Stoke Gabriel**. A taxi is provided to take you back to your cars in Totnes (a 15 minute journey). 

**occassionally, because of tides, we start and finish at Stoke Gabriel.

Important trip information - PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BOOK, even if you've already been on one of these trips as the info has changed.

  • Times: The trip generally runs from 6pm-9.45pm, but in the Spring and late summer months it starts and finishes earlier because of the light. When you book it will state the start/end time. Please arrive on time because we can’t wait if you are late!
  • Start/finish point: We start at Totnes and finish at Stoke Gabriel. Occassionally, because of the tidal currents, we switch and begin and end at Stoke Gabrie. Please check the start point for your trip and make sure that you turn up at the right place for the trip you have booked!
    • Totnes start: Meet at Longmarsh car park TQ95AL. This is the FINAL car park on Steamer Quay road, next to Totnes Rowing Club. Bring cash to feed the parking metre.
    • Stoke Gabiel start: Meet at the River Shack car park, Stoke Gabriel TQ96RD. Parking is £3
  • What to wear/bring: Wear loose fitting comfy clothes, and a warm top for later on. Bring a raincoat if it looks we might have a shower. FOOTWEAR: Old trainers/boots SUITABLE FOR MUDDY UNEVEN RIVERBANKS. Drinking water, tea, and hot chocolate is provided. See notes about alcohol in the FAQs.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: Our canoes are not suitable for people who weigh in excess of 16 stone (100 kg) as they may tip over! If you are over this weight limit but already have some canoeing experience and feel confident then we're ok with that!
  • Cost: ADULT £35  CHILD (under 16)  £15
  • What's included? Canoe, paddle, life vest, qualified guide, fireside story-telling, refreshments (Tea/coffee/hot chocolate, CAKE!), owl hoots  (often but not always) and bat swoops...! If the trip ends in a different location than it begins, a taxi shuttle back to your cars is provided.

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